Japan ProStaff – Wax Shampoo “Mr. Magic Gold” for Dark Color

Non-concentrated type. Take and apply directly to the sponge and wash. High purity carnauba wax gives deep gloss to the paint, in addition, strong-polymer silicone oil enable the longer durability of coating. No abrasives are mixed, applicable for the coated cars.

Suitable for Black, Blue & Red Color.

Application: Automotive exterior body.

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1. Wash the mud and sand on the car body with water.

2. Wet a sponge (or glove) and apply the shampoo directly on it.

3. Wipe the body with a sponge (glove) with much foam.

4. Rinse the shampoo foam and wipe to dry.

Note: Before use, please make sure there are no mud or sand on the body.

Weight 0.80 kg
Dimensions 10.20 × 12.40 × 23.30 cm


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