Japan ProStaff – Wax Shampoo – 2L

Straight (Non-dilution) type. Take it directly to a sponge and wash. Silicone polymer adheres to the paint surface and gives gloss and water repellency to your car. No abrasives and neutral TP detergent, easy and safe to use. Available for all paint colors and even for the coated cars.
Application: Automotive exterior body.

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Instructions : 1. Wash the mud and sand on the car body with water. 2. Wet a sponge (or glove) and apply the shampoo directly on it. 3. Wipe the body gently with a sponge (glove) with much foam. 4. Rinse the shampoo foam and wipe to dry.

Weight 2.00 kg
Dimensions 12.50 × 12.50 × 25.30 cm


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