Japan ProStaff – Cleaning Wipes for Coated Car Body

A maintenance wet cloth that can be used for cleaning vehicles with professional coating or glass-based easy coating. The cloth material is 100% microfiber, which is gentle for coated cars. The ultra-fine fibers absorb dirt inside, so only dirt is entangled without scratching the coating film. Moreover, it does not come with wiping lines and is finished neatly. In addition, a protective film is formed on the surface of the coating with a combination of protective ingredients to prolong the coating effect.

Application: Car exterior body, window glass, wheel, plastic and resin parts.

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1. Just take out the cloth and wipe car exterior parts you want to clean.

2. If it looks like uneven, wipe it off with a clean dry microfiber cloth.


DO NOT use for the interior window glass and steering wheel.

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Dimensions 3.00 × 16.50 × 24.50 cm


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