Japan ProStaff – Car Body Cleaner “All Clear”

Automobile body surface treatment before wax and coating. Accessory: Includes 1 exclusive sponge with hard PEF. Other Features: Synergy of new mixed Ion Deposit Remover (IDR) & super-micro abrasive works on any water spots.

Application: Automotive exterior painted body.

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1. Wash clean and dry the place you want to work.

2. Apply agent on the sponge and polish.

3. After polishing, wipe off with a clean dry cloth.


Note: Apply only to automobile exterior body. Before use, please make sure there are no foreign matters on the sponge.

Ultra fine particles are mixed that is used for polishing optical lens.

Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 10.20 × 6.50 × 20.00 cm


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