Japan ProStaff – GLASIAS Gel Iron Remover

  • Newly developed iron powder cleaner specifically for Alumium wheels.
  • Thoroughly remove greasy brake dust and iron powder firmly adhered to the surface of the wheels through a chemical reaction.
  • The gel-type spray quickly wraps the iron powder on the surface of the wheels, the iron powder melts and peels off the wheels.
  • Restore the original bright and beautiful colors of the wheels
  • No damage to the wheels.

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1. First wash the sand, mud and dust on the surface of the bell with clean water.
2. Spray the cleaner evenly on the surface of the bell, and then wait a few minutes for it to react chemically.
3. Thoroughly rinse the surface of the bell with clean water, and then dry it with a microfiber cloth.
* It is recommended to use gorilla car wash double-sided gloves for cleaning

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