Senfineco – Fuel Injector Cleaner

Senfineco Fuel Injector Cleaner is a professional product of the latest generation for all gasoline engines. The injection system is cleaned by the highly effective additives used with unattainable effectiveness. Used regularly, it restores the original state of the fuel system. It eliminates deposits in the entire fuel system such as e.g. tank, pipes, fuel pump, intake valves and injectors. Represents a full alternative to professional cleaning of injectors.

Packing Spec: 300ml / Can

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• Actively cleans injectors and valves
• Immediate results
• Increased power and torque of the engine
• Improved compression of the engine
• Smooth engine operation, reduces noise and vibration
• Lowers fuel consumption
• Binds excess water in the fuel system – protection against corrosion
• Improves emissions – Reduces CO2 and NOx emissions
• Applicable with all catalytic converters and exhaust gas after-treatment systems

• Suitable for all gasoline engines, even for gasoline engines of the latest generation with direct injection
• Can be used for both prevention and acute problem-solving
• It is recommended to use Fuel Injection Cleaner at each service interval
• Can be used for acute problem solving in case of high fuel consumption or engine malfunction
• A 300 ml can is sufficient for 50 liters of fuel

Senfineco is a German manufacturer of automotive care products, additives and lubricants.
Our team of engineers specializes in solving automotive problems based on today’s cars and different road conditions, restoring and improving the performance of cars. At the same time, our products will reduce the impact on the environment and achieve excellence. All product quality, structure, manufacturing processes and raw materials are fully produced for the original international quality standard IATF 16949. A key feature of all Senfineco products and their formula are the use of German-standard quality control and extensive R&D investment, which ensures high efficiency, performance and safety in all applications.


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