Carmate – 3D Support Mirror 180SR Wide

1) The wide-angle lens 180SR is adopted, with a wide field of view, and it is easy to see the rear wheels, white lines on the ground, pedestrians or bicycles in the blind spot area.
2) The well-designed obtuse-angle shape enhances the consistency with the car mirror, suitable for the left and right rearview mirrors of various models.
3) Using high-strength 3D spherical structure, it is not easy to change the mirror angle due to vibration or touch.

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Installation method:

1. Before installation, please thoroughly wipe off the dirt and oil stains on the left and right rearview mirrors.

2. Use the double-sided tape on the back of this product to stick it on the left and right rearview mirrors.
※Because repeated pasting is not possible, please use commercially available adhesive tape to temporarily determine the position, and then use the double-sided tape attached to this product to install it.
※The car mirror is fragile, please do not press the mirror too hard.
※Please make sure that the entire surface of the double-sided tape is stuck on when installing.
※In order to maintain adhesion, please let it stand for 24 hours after sticking.

3. Adjust the angle to achieve the best viewing angle.


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